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BlizzCon Scale Model Contest Rules

    • The contest is open to all modelers. Membership in IPMS/USA is not required for entry.
    • The contest is open to all models except those placing 3rd or higher at an IPMS Regional Convention or IPMS National Convention. Previous award winners are eligible as part of collection, group, and parent/child entries.
    • Entries may be made of any material, i.e. plastic, wood, metal, paper or any combination thereof.
    • Pre-painted entries are only permitted in the Teen and Youth categories.
    • No entries depicting nudity or other inappropriate topics for a PG-rated audience will be permitted. No exceptions. The Contest Chair may decline to accept entry of a subject that may be considered offensive, lewd, or in poor taste. The decision of the Contest Chair is final.
    • Absentee entries are accepted if registered under builder’s name. Entry fees apply.
    • The Contestant will determine the category of each entry. The Head Judge reserves the right to move entries to another Category if such move is clearly warranted. All such moves will be made following reasonable effort to notify the Contestant.
    • If a model is qualified for more than one category, the Registrars shall assist in determining in which category the model should be entered. In the event of questionable placement, the Head Judge’s decision will be final.
    • Contest categories may be expanded at the discretion of the Head Judge, based on the number of entries in a given category or categories.
    • Judging shall be conducted using the guidelines set forth by IPMS/USA. Entries will be judged using the following criteria: Basic Construction, Overall Finish, Overall Accuracy, Additional Detailing, and Degree of Difficulty. Scratch-built detail will be favored over commercially available detail if quality is comparable. A great amount of added detail will not make up for poor basic construction. A copy of the IPMS/USA Judges Handbook is available for review.
    • Models may be picked up during the judging process if deemed necessary by the Head Judge to determine final category or special award ranking. Reasonable effort will be made to contact affected contestants prior to handling of their affected entries. Models may be gently repositioned to allow access to entry forms, visibility of other entries, or to facilitate category splits.
    • NO SWEEPS ALLOWED. A modeler will be awarded the single highest award earned in a particular category, unless the modeler is the only entrant in the category.
    • All judges’ decisions are final. Any attempts to influence judges will result in immediate disqualification of all the contestant’s entries.
    • Reasonably sized bases are allowed in all categories, but are not judged except in the vignette/diorama categories. Display bases must not exceed a 30″ x 30″ footprint since contest space is limited.
    • All dust covers MUST be removed prior to judging. Models with dust covers will not be considered during judging.
    • Out–of-the-box entries must be constructed solely from the contents of the kit, with the exception of finishes and decals. Weathering, filling seams and molding flaws, adding simple paper or tape seat beats, and antennae/rigging are allowed. Gun barrels, vents and door handles may be drilled out as well. No cutting/separating/opening of hatches, control surfaces, canopies, or doors is permitted. The use of aftermarket accessories (except decals) will be cause for disqualification from the Out-of-Box category. Instructions MUST accompany the model and entry form.
    • Conversion entries must contain significant structural changes to the basic kit, involving extensive changes in contour or configuration, such work having been accomplished by the modeler. Entries using aftermarket parts as the majority of the conversion will be placed in the appropriate regular category. Entrants in this category should be prepared to provide a list of parts and materials used.
    • Scratch-built entries must be more than 50% Contestant supplied parts. Scratch-built models may incorporate parts from other kits, but these should be generally unrelated to their original identity, except for minor parts such as wheels, guns, etc.
    • Open- and closed-top Vehicles. An open-top Vehicle is a vehicle that is designed to fight open, such as an M-10 or Marder SP A/T gun. On all entries, interiors are subject to judging if hatches, doors, canopies, etc. are open. If a figure is in an open hatch blocking the view of the interior, the interior and figure are not judged, and the model will be considered as having a closed top.
    • Dioramas & Vignettes: Vignettes are defined as scenes containing 5 or fewer figures and no vehicle(s). Dioramas are defined as scenes containing 6 or more figures and/or vehicle(s). Vehicles include aircraft, tanks, ships, cars, and trucks.
    • IPMS Eddie Rickenbacker Columbus Ohio its members, agents, or officers assume no liability or responsibility in case of accidents involving attendees, equipment, merchandise, models, or displays or for property lost, stolen, or damaged during the show.
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